About Rolgear

What is Rolgear?

Rolgear is a family company that manufactures and produces a full-line of ratcheting screwdrivers; the Swiss founder, Robert Suter, invented the patented technology of the ratchet. The ratchet allows for the user to complete the job with one single grip. In an unratcheting tool, the user must release and re-grip the tool to create one full revolution; with a ratcheting tool, the user simply rotates their wrist until the job is done.

What makes Rolgear different?

The patented ratcheting mechanism used in Rolgear screwdrivers is the key difference. Although there are other ratcheting products on the market, none use the same technology. The Rolgear Ratchet uses roller bearings instead of gears, making it silent, smooth, and friction-free.

“Other products on the market with ratcheting applications aren’t the greatest quality”, says Robert, the founder of the company and inventor of the ratchet. “Their ratchets don’t engage immediately and this creates unnecessary backlash.”

By backlash, he means that the other tools on the market “undo the screw each time the ratchet is engaged,” whereas Rolgear Ratchets engage immediately, cutting out the backlash completely. This allows for the highest user ease and efficiency.

“Other ratchets are bulky and ugly, and sit directly on the blade of the screwdriver, above the handle,” says Alexa, the Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our ratchet is small and sleek enough that it rests directly inside the handle.”

The ratchet also indexes to three different modes, which can be changed single-handedly to forward, neutral, and back.

What gives Rolgear its competitive advantage?

Aside from the ratchet itself, Rolgear has many other competitive advantages that are driven by their core values and beliefs.

“As a company, we believe in fair trade,” says Alexa, of the manufacturing and production of their tools. “We had pressure to move our production to China, where manufacturing costs and labour are cheap, but it went against our values.”

As other companies, corporations, and individuals become more socially responsible and aware of their impact on our planet, Rolgear remains in a future-oriented position with their values of fair trade and eco-friendliness. Keeping sources local, their most popular multi-bit tool is manufactured completely in Canada. All of their screwdrivers, including their single-blades, are assembled in Canada.

“We want everyone involved in our company to benefit,” says Robert. “Everyone from myself and my family, to our manufacturers, assemblers and machine workers, distributors and retailers, back and front-end employees, and especially our customers.”

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